This article is especially dedicated to the users who are suffering from the loss of important data due to malware. More often we face this problem and all of us are trying to get rid of these computer viruses. But till today we are unable to find any excellent solution for that. But you need not to worry about this problem after today because I have broken this milestone and got a great solution for your problems. Yes I am talking about Panda Cloud Antivirus Slim compact solution.

Panda Cloud Antivirus slim compact solution

You must have analyzed that any of the antivirus programs that you install scan files to determine viruses on your PC. However most often these antivirus programs may “freeze” or may be unable to provide continuous safety. Panda antivirus is such software that uses regular Internet connection to recover on classic antivirus steps. The main difference which I recognized is that it does not check data on a regular basis usually as other antivirus software. But it searches for information about virus definitions online and when Internet connection is not accessible it relies on cashed data saved before.


Another important thing that you can easily install it without any difficulty and it also doesn’t take much time to install and connecting to the internet for updates and information about files. You need only to use few main buttons and clear information as a guide is available where needed to guide you what you have to do.

The feature of background monitoring, while you are working Panda Cloud Antivirus is continuously monitoring to detect any of the spyware or virus and takes instant action to maintain the computer safe. This feature is avry high efficient feature by Panda Antivirus.

Here Cloud means the servers extended athwart Internet like clouds. Panda Cloud Antivirus functions by conveying and getting data and files to Panda servers on the Internet for inspection, as a substitute of using your PC’s wherewithal, another amazing thing that you can download this antivirus program free without any cost through Internet.

How it works?

Panda Cloud Antivirus identifies other malware as compared to traditional signature-based software that take extended time to discover the most latest malwares, and consequently most risky, variants. Panda Cloud Antivirus cares for you as you surf, play or work and you won’t yet observe it. It is very light as all the job is completed online in the cloud. Thanks to cloud-scanning from Panda Lab’s.

You may feel that Panda Cloud Antivirus slim compact solution is the best ever antivirus. It would secure you from losing your data and any worm virus.