If you are an Apple Pay or a Bank of America customer, then you could be charged multiple times. Many iPhone users have reported of this financial glitch stating that the new mobile payment system has charged them double when they are using the Apple payment gateway system. Earlier this week, Apple users have reported that they were charged double of each transaction they made using Apple Pay system which is to debit amount from their linked Bank of America account.

Tara Burke, the spokesperson of Bank of America, has confirmed that about 1000 transactions debited through Apple Pay were debited twice from their linked Bank of America account. Bank of America was one of the Apple Pay launch partner. “We apologize for the inconvenience and we’re correcting the issue immediately, and all duplicate transactions will be refunded” said Burke.

Among all the customers whose transactions were logged twice, Samuel Burke of CNN was one of them. He also stated that his major complaint was that no Apple customer support agent could rectify the issue for him when he called since they did not store logs of financial transactions. Burke reported that Apple agents had passed the issue to the Bank of America. All duplicate transactions will be addressed and resolved by the end of Wednesday, Bank of America has declared. Customers have reported that this Apple Pay glitch has been addressed when some of them had reached Bank of America Fraud Protection line. The bank said that the duplicate charges will be removed right away when on contacting Bank of America’s fraud protection.

Trudy Muller, Apple’s spokeswoman from Cupertino, California was contacted through a telephonic interview, has said that “We’re aware of a Bank of America issue impacting a very small number of Apple Pay users. They’re working on a fix that will be available shortly and reversing any duplicate transactions.” In addition to Bank of America, Apple also has partnered with some of the America’s biggest financial organizations including JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc. and networks such as MasterCard Inc., Visa Inc., American Express Co. and merchants such as Walgreen Co. and McDonald’s Corp.