Apple has a very strong stand in the market and thus, it strongly responded to reports released by a security firm – FireEye of potential security threat that could allow hackers to steal sensitive information from iPhones and iPads. As per Apple, its operating systems come with security advanced options and have built-in protections to ensure malware downloads are at bay.

Apple responded in wake of the reports released by a security firm –FireEye, which warned it about the vulnerabilities discovered in its operating system. As per the security firm, the identified security threat is named ‘Masque Attack’ under which fake apps are designed to replicate the original ones that are installed through Apple Store. Once, the user is tricked into installing fake apps, it becomes easier for hackers to steal the user’s personal information and use it to carry out their further nefarious acts.

The firm named the threat appropriately as Masque Attack, because as soon as bad apps are installed onto the user’s system, they have the capability to overwrite the existing and the original app icons, disguised to look like an app that the user trusts.

As per the reports released by FireEye, the security flaw discovered is likely to affect all Apple mobile devices running iOS 7 or later. However, Apple still goes on to defend that its users are safe from such malicious downloads and its Operating Systems comes with built-in protections that flashes a warning sign before any malicious download. It is active in both its desktop as well as mobile operating system.

An Apple representative said, “We designed OS X and iOS with built-in security safeguards to help protect customers and warn them before installing potentially malicious software.”

He further added that the company was completely unaware of the fact that its customers were falling victim to such malicious attacks and encouraged the customers to download apps from only the trusted sources like Apple Store and do pay heed to the warning flashing on the screen.

Notably, this is the second time when security researchers have raised concerns about the vulnerabilities in Apple’s Operating System. It is the time when Apple should come out with some strong patches for these security flaws and protect its customers from falling into any malicious traps.