You have started preparing for the long Thanksgiving weekend, but are you aware of Internet fraudsters and their newest tactics to harm you as well? They are looking forward to you this Cyber Monday- the busiest shopping day when cyber crooks become highly active.

Cyber Monday – observed on the first Monday of December comes after the Thanksgiving weekend. As we all know, Thanksgiving announces the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, so in order to attract customers on this day, retailers offer huge discounts and sale. And this has contributed greatly to the popularity of this day and thus it came to be recognized as one of the busiest shopping days of the year.. Although traditionally people would go out to the markets and shop physically, time crunch, inconvenience and overcrowding discouraged them from continuing to do so and a new wave of online shopping started emerging. Since 2005, this day started being observed as Cyber Monday, the day when online shopping too commences.

That’s history; and what we have in the present isn’t all hunky dory as it appears. Like with every good thing there comes (mostly) a bad element as well, Cyber Monday also comes accompanied with several negatives. This includes a boost in cyber crime such as identity thefts, misuse of personal information, phishing attacks, poisoned search engine results, and several other frauds and survey scams. So, you need to be watchful of the dirty tactics that cyber criminals use, especially around this time.

It is quite obvious that you want to avail of great deals on social coupon sites, like Groupon or Living Social. However, you must also realize that crooks develop sites that look almost identical to these reputed sites and trick online shoppers into believing that they are cracking good deals while in reality they are stepping into an online trap for which they may have to dearly pay. So, watch your steps before you click on any site or deal!

They may also ‘ironically’ send you security alerts notifying that online threats increase during the holiday season and that you should change your corporate account credentials to prevent Cyber Monday breach. Isn’t it scary? Imagine sharing with them all that you have been strictly guarding for long? Be smart to not fall victim to their tricky plans.

All these surely appear scary but they shouldn’t obviously dampen your Cyber Monday shopping plans. The idea is to go out and have fun while staying safe. To help you eliminate all risks and e-threats, here is TechGenie Free Antivirus available for you.

All you need to do is simply install this competitive antivirus software and keep yourself safe and protected from the prying eyes of cyber criminals.