A lawsuit against Avira was filed when the security software had earlier blocked a bundle of software downloads from a game. Freemium GmbH has filed the lawsuit against the antivirus giant stating that Avira has dismissed the software updates released by the game firm. Freemium had claimed up to six months in prison sentence and a whopping amount of €250,000 fine against Travis Witteveen, the managing director of Avira on the ground of violation of trade regulations in Berlin District Court.

Angry Birds-Styled Game :

Freemium GmbH has filed a cease-and-desist order against Avira in Berlin District Court when the German security firm has issued warnings of bundle of additional software released by Moorhuhn Remake game. The security firm warned that the software bundle might pose threat to gamers’ computers. However, the three-judge panel in Berlin District Court has rejected the lawsuit on the ground of lack of adequate evidences and also ordered Freemium to bear the court costs of €500,000 (US$551,000), as per the latest updates released by Avira of the case. Earlier in May, Berlin District Court has given verbal verdict and now, the court has given written orders.

Avira has warned users that the download manager of Moorhuhn Remake software is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). This PUP category of software is not directly marked as malicious software, but such software may enable other malicious software such as, adware to download on users’ devices. As a user, we often overlook and bypass warnings of such downloads and end up downloading many adware which leak information about our overall computer and internet usage. The Angry Birds remake game, Moorhuhn Remake, is one of such software publishers to bundle in many trial version of software within the main software package so that gamers will download those advertising programs along game’s own software update. One of the programs which came packed with Moorhuhn Remake was a download manager called www.computerbild.de which is released by Axel Springer, as detected by Avira. There are several other programs embedded in the bundle of software such as PC TuneUP, Zoomit, Web Companion, Super Easy Register Cleaner, Sparpilot, Driver Finder, OK Freedom and Browsing Secure.

Though the game software claimed that users have options to choose not to download these tools, but Avira said that neither any fine print nor the licensing terms had given clear discrimination between the main Moorhuhn Remake software and other bundled software.