The charity institution ChildLine reported notable increase in child suffering resulted from cyberbullying this year. The organization noticed that a massive increase in cyberbullying in the phase of 2012-2013 with 4,507 cases of of cyberbullying in 2012-2013 which is a considerable increase from 2,410 in 2011-12, which is an 87% increase in cyberbullying from the previous year. It has also reported a sizeable 41% increase in self-harm and 33% increase in suicidal tendency in young adults.

What kind of cyberbullying children are targeted at?

This rising rate of cyberbullying has affected children and led to other concerns including depression, challenging family relations, self-harming which led children opt for counseling and seeking help at ChildLine. Esther Rantzen, the founder of ChildLine, has warned that many children in America are struggling with all these effects of cyberbullying and having a hard time in coping up despair. The charity organization known for counseling and catering help to children and adult children has revealed that they have attained about 278,886 children and adolescents who came for seeking counseling to deal with despair, depression and tough family relations.

Racist bullying amongst all forms of cyberbullying took a sharp turn in 2012-13 as more than 1,400 children and teenagers have reported to ChildLine to have been victimized of such forms of online bullying. ChildLine revealed that children are being insulted as terrorists or been warned to return to their native place where they came from and such cases of online bullying has increased in 41% when compared to the rate of incidence recorded in last year.

Know more about how cyberbylling is scarring young minds.

Parental Alert  

Esther Rantzen has cautioned parents to consider the report as a “wake-up call”. He suggested that –

“Far too many of the nation’s children seem to be struggling and in despair. It’s so important that we support children to talk about issues and look out for signs that they’re not able to cope. No matter how hard pressed we are, we must commit to giving children time and space to talk about their lives. If they are concealing unhappiness, encourage them to open up and if they can’t talk to you, maybe they can talk to ChildLine.”

Even Peter Wanless, the CEO of the NSPCC has warned parents that “Stranger danger, for example, rarely comes up in contacts to ChildLine but depression, self-harm, online bullying and even suicide contacts are increasing exponentially.”

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