This comes as a revelation of the latest LexInnova report

No matter which country you reside in or what profession you’re into, the perils of online security are bound to set you thinking. No matter how many doors and windows you close to prevent these perils from penetrating your digital world, there seems to be some little opening or hole in the wall through which threats attempt to enter. It is indeed scary and a slight miss could land you in grave situations.

To keep you safe and covered, different brands providing Internet security solutions constantly strive at offering you better and more sophisticated tools. To keep these tools integral to their system, companies patent their security portfolios so that you remain secured under their protective umbrella and enjoy using the different security systems as well.

As per the latest assessment done by LexInnova, Cisco rules the roost at owning net security patents. It owns as many as 6442 patents – all related to network security. Symantec follows this number and stands at the second position with 5757 patents. However, although these are impressive numbers, there are intellectual properties of other brands that are equal or higher in quality, such as Check Point, Juniper Networks, and Palo Alto Networks, but their numbers aren’t that great. Therefore, these names do not appear on the list of the top three, as released by LexInnova. The company with the third highest net security patents is Daylight.

It is also worth mentioning in the same breath that the assessment reports also highlight that the US, China and Canada remain the top owners of security patents along with Australia. So, it is good to see that there is a varied participation of countries working on securing our digital lives rather than the onus lying on just a select few.

However, it is yet to be seen if some of these smaller companies will be acquired by the bigger brands. That, only time can tell. For now, it is Cisco celebrating the victory…