Here is one more security threat to scare you this Halloween! Have you been only scared and apprehensive about your kids being kidnapped or taken hostage by any malicious neighbor – well, you need to be careful of your computer data too! A new computer virus has recently emerged to take hostage of your computer files which you will not be able to open those files anymore. This new virus, named Ransomware or CryptoLocker, will emerge on your inbox as an email from a legitimate or renowned company such as FedEx, UPS or even legitimate security organizations such as FBI or Homeland Security. As per the news, CryptoLocker or Ransomware has already intruded in several computers across the United States, including a company in Central Texas. The virus is designed with the purpose to extort money from its victims.

How CryptoLocker or Ransomware computer virus infects files?           

According to Shawn Richeson, the computer technician of Click-A-Nerd, has warned that one hasty or incautious click may lead users to lose all of their vital information on their computers. The computer virus will hide under the guise of a fake mail from UPS, FBI, FedEx or other legitimate company; as the user will click on such mail, the virus file will be installed and starts prying for documents, images, videos and other types of files. Later, the victim will notice a window displaying countdown clock stating that the user is running out of time to recover their files.

“It uses a key and it changes the file contents to something that’s unusable and unopenable on your computer,” says Richeson of Click-A-Nerd. They want a ransom of $100-$300 which victims need to pay to get the key to unlock their files which are encrypted by the virus author. If the victims fails to pay the money within the stipulated time, they will never be able to regain their files; all their corrupted files will be deleted.

How to protect your computer against CryptoLocker or Ransomware?

However, Richeson has offered a viable solution to solve this computer virus problem. “The best that we’ve come up with to prevent further damage is to once you confirm that you’re infected with it the only smart move is to just shut the computer off completely.” He further suggested taking the computer to a local repair shop to stop the clock and stop further losses.

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