Are you yet to master the skill of spotting software security flaws? Then, DARPA wants you to play this game.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has created games to encourage people to learn how to scan security threats and take up the complexity of codes. Yes, it just gamified the entire process of identifying software security vulnerabilities by creating a series of video games and puzzles.

A game for detecting malware?

DARPA has created this gaming website which will help gamers detect chunk of codes which are expected to lower the responsibilities of professionals to analyze and identify vulnerabilities. The website, as known as Verigames, will contain free games users can play online. Although, there is one game called Xylem which supports playing on iPad.

How to play?

Verigames consists of five video games and puzzles which are designed in similar ways SETI@homel and which allows gamers playing online puzzles. Gamers are required to solve games and puzzles to be able to clear every level of each game. The game play of these puzzles involves producing mathematical proofs and programs which identifies flaws in software developed on Java and C platform.

DARPA helps raising funds for these games the entire website through Crowd Sourced Formal Verification (CSFV) program. DARPA planned to develop game format which will engage maximum number of users to these games and educate them by adding complex math problems for identifying software vulnerabilities.

Different types of software vulnerabilities including flaws or buffer overflows are included in the game play of Verigames. Currently, users 18 and above will permitted to play these games at Verigames, according to government regulation policies related to volunteer participants. In addition to these, DARPA has plans to develop a community for game playing which will aid in reducing errors found in commercial and open-source software.