Evernote is one of those apps that looks so simple but achieves a lot. It allows users to store pictures, notes, documents, and other such things and helps in improving productivity of its users. Recently, the security team at Evernote detected a hacking attempt that was made on Evernote’s database. This database has personal information, like username, email addresses, and encrypted passwords of Evernote users. The good news is that Evernote encrypts passwords for all its users, so none of the passwords have been leaked.

However, with the database, hackers might have accessed email addresses, usernames of the users, and the encrypted passwords. Therefore, as a measure of precaution, Evernote asked its users to change their passwords (even when they are encrypted). Thanks to the password encryption that Evernote has in place, the offenders might not be able to access the accounts on Evernote so easily. On their blog, Evernote said that the ‘payment information’ of users is safe and has not been hacked by the offenders.

In these past few months, hackers have been busy hacking Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft and now Evernote is facing them. However, Evernote’s way of handling things has to be appreciated because they noticed the intrusion before it was too late and have informed their users about it and asked them to change their passwords. Not many companies or services are this transparent with their users and we can say that Evernote is leading by example, in this scenario.

There are around 50 million users of Evernote and all of them have been notified by Evernote by email, asking them to reset their password. On their blog they said, “We apologise for the annoyance of having to change your password, but, ultimately, we believe this simple step will result in a more secure Evernote experience.”

Just another reminder: never have simple passwords, like words. And never use the same passwords for multiple services. These are the bare minimum requirements for any password. Make sure that your password has a combination of alphanumerical characters and remember, never write down a password, anywhere to stay safe and secure.