Internet threats has been an old story now but threats with security breach is alwaysstood as an emerging cause for the user. The information customer has in its computer is more likely to be very important to an individual. The threats has always targeted Personal data, banking information, emails, financial transaction etc. and one would really think to work safely over the internet as well as to use the computer without any infection and fake alerts.

The computer companies are striving hard to provide security to customers so that they could use the computer with ease and with peace of mind but there is always a thief nearby with usually take the peace of the mind just by hitting the computer with Viruses and fake messages.

Microsoft warned its entire global customer for the increasing security holes in the internet explorer browser that could get exposed to millions of internet surfers to attack the computer via unwanted websites. Therefore, a strong step has been taken by Microsoft of releasing a Patch Tuesday with Microsoft Critical Bulletin (MS11-057)  and this would also come with fixes and update that would really fix the 7 security Holes in the Internet explorer browser. The company expects to lower down the vulnerability of the computer within the next 30 days.

Theses vulnerabilities raise the chances of getting hackers attack to the computer which, therefore, result of stealing personal data and transaction details and could also create a negative impression of Microsoft in the market.  The patch would lower down the chances of getting attacked and user would not be required to take any action for any threats beyond surfing an infected website. It is been strongly recommended that all Windows user should apply the patch as soon as they get it in their updates.

The IE update has been rated as ‘Critical’ for internet explorer 6 on windows client and this also applies to all version of Internet explorer ranging from 6-9. It has been highly recommended by Microsoft that the Patch should be used with Internet explorer 6 on servers as well.

The increment of threats in the web world is just because of pirated downloading of games, movies, songs etc. A general user would not choose to purchase a genuine product from the retailer to improve the computer’s performance and stay secured. One could take high risk just to get something without money but they never know that when something comes for free there is some glitch attached to it always. The rising of downloading website is just because of the increment in demand of free applications, movies etc. which, enables the hacker s to come to your computer and steal your data with intimating. So to control the threats and fill in the security Gaps in the computer a user should try to resist going to infected websites or downloading infected applications.