Sony, the Japanese multinational corporation, has recently been victimized by cyber attacks; the latest one to have come upon the brand is the suspected attack on their PlayStation Network and store. Visitors trying to access the site were greeted with a message reading “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the Internet’s fault.” Though no sign of data seem to have been stolen through this cyber attack, the cause for the attack is yet under investigation. 

The Full Details:

Sony Pictures Entertainment’s security was hacked recently and unreleased movies were released all over the Internet through file-sharing sites. Many other business documents and personal information of Sony employees and customers were also hacked. North Korea was under FBI suspicion because of the malware that was used in the cyber crime. Apparently, the malware had been coded in Korean language. Prior to this, North Korea had issued an open threat to Sony for its upcoming film “The Interview”. Some threatening e-mails were also issued to Sony Pictures Entertainment employees and the FBI is still investigating the matter. The cyber attackers had identified themselves as “Guardians of Peace”. 

Through the new wave of cyber attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network and store, a group of hackers have emerged, calling themselves “Lizard Squad” and taking full responsibility for the attack in a tweet. During this attack, Sony’s PlayStation Network went offline for around two hours. Gamers also faced difficulty in playing online games. These issues have however been resolved. 

Sony is a brand that is undoubtedly no stranger to cyber attacks and threats. Earlier this year, the same group “Lizard Squad” had warned about explosives being on a flight. The flight included a Sony executive among its passengers. The flight was diverted to a nearby airport and any eventuality was thereby avoided.                       

The latest attack is however still under investigation and there is no positive indication of a link between the attacks on Sony Pictures and the PlayStation Network. The Internet is buzzing with updates on this attack series and we are striving to keep you updated on this matter. For more updates, check out this space…