If you are a frequent visitor of KickassTorrents, other torrent or any illegal download sites, then you should be apprehensive of the security of your online identity, MPAA has cautioned. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has shown its concerns on Monday that piracy sites are not only a threat to content rights holders, rather a threat to the end users. A recent piracy report has revealed that it attempts to counteract intellectual property pirate websites on a global level since these sites are fostering malware, online identity thefts and other dangers.

“It is important to note that websites that traffic in infringing movies, television shows, and other copyrighted content do not harm only the rights holder. Malicious software or malware, which puts Internet users at risk of identity theft, fraud, and other ills, is increasingly becoming a source of revenue for pirate sites.” Motion Picture Association of America, Inc., has sent a written concerns to the Director for Intellectual Property and Innovation on Monday by publishing a latest report about “notorious markets” that it has identified as been distributing illegal content globally. That’s not all; other severe risks include “such risks jeopardize legitimate e-commerce and consumers. MPAA continues to work with global partners against criminal organizations and activities in an effort to protect consumers not only from the dangers of illicit audiovisual goods and services, but other potential threats, such as malware.”

In its report, MPAA also detected most dangerous websites and top illicit cyberblockers. Top illicit cyberlockers are

  1. VK.com of Russia
  2. Uploaded.net of the Netherlands
  3. Rapidgator.net of Russia
  4. Firedrive.com of New Zealand
  5. Nowvideo.sx of Panama/Switzerland/Netherlands

Similarly, illegal peer-to-peer and torrent sites include –

  1. Kickass.to globally
  2. The Pirate Bay of Sweden
  3. Torrentz.eu of Germany
  4. Rutracker.org of Russia
  5. Yts.re of multiple locations

Hence, resist torrent download or use of these illegal content distribution websites to prevent your online identity and data.