With just a week to go before the NSW election results to release, two security experts have confirmed that iVote online voting system of NSW Electoral Commission is found compromised. They have detected “critical vulnerabilities” in iVote online voting system which was used this year for the first time. Though the NSW Electoral Commission has worked out to resolve the security issue but thousands of votes were already exposed to voting manipulation and frauds.

Security flaw exposed iVote electronic votes to online frauds 

Security experts have warned that tens of thousands of votes were already compromised on iVote voting website. They discovered that the security flaw has exposed about 66,000 electronic votes to tampering which might impede or delay releasing NSW election result which was slated to be on this coming Saturday.

After detection of this “critical vulnerabilities”, several parties such as, the National party, the Outdoor party and the Greens are looking for all possible security measures to prevent voting tampering activities on iVote online voting system, they revealed to Guardian Australia. NSW Electoral Commission officials suspected that some “well-funded, well-managed, anti-internet voting lobby groups” are behind this security breach on iVote online voting website.

iVote caught by “FREAK” attack!

Security academics and specialists of Melbourne University said that the website is secure, but the security issue has probably resulted from loading of JavaScript from any other website. Vanessa Teague of Melbourne University analyzed that the JavaScript program came from another website which was already compromised and “vulnerable to an attack called the FREAK attack.” Another security expert, J. Alex Halderman from the University of Michigan, has also uncovered that iVote website servers were susceptible to such “FREAK attack” flaw.

Earlier this FREAK attack flaw had also targeted other tech behemoths including Apple, Microsoft and Google. Safari browser of Apple and Chrome browser of Google had this security flaw when they were detected to be prone to hacking attacks; likewise, Windows operating system of Microsoft was also detected to be vulnerable to this major security flaw.