Is your Android-based device really safe against emerging malicious threats? Unfortunately, it is not. And believe it or not, it is always vulnerable to all sorts of thefts, malware, mishaps and loss. In order to keep pace with known and unknown threats, it is highly suggested to install security apps. Below we have listed the best three security apps that you can consider installing on your Android-device.

avast! Android phone Security

This security app offers complete mobile protection from all the would-be thieves and emerging threats. It shields your smartphone from malware and malicious apps. The most amazing aspect about avast! Mobile Security app is that it filters all incoming calls and messages, enabling you to block specific numbers from calling or messaging you. With its Anti-Theft component you can easily track your lost or stolen device.

In case your browser tries to open any infected URL, the Web Shield feature of the app, warns you much before. Not just this, this app adds a firewall to block potential threats. And to help keep your data usage in control, avast! Mobile Security if you exceed your monthly limits.

Avira Antivirus Security

Amongst different types of security apps available, Avira Antivirus Security truly stands out. This app comes with state-of-the-art features to protect your digital data, photos, e-mails, contacts and even credit card details safe from every potential mobile threat. Also, it helps you locate, protect and easily recover your lost or stolen phone. You can easily check the location of your phone on a map and remotely lock it. And if required, delete all its content. What’s more, it prevents hackers and spammers from accessing your data.

ESET Mobile Security for Android

With ESET Mobile Security for Android, you can shop, bank or play online without worrying about any kind of malicious threat. This security app has been primarily designed to let you explore the Internet with ease and scan all files, e-mails and files you browse on your phone. On one hand its Anti-Phishing technology protects you from identity theft and privacy issues and on the other its Anti-Theft feature enables you to track and recover your lost phone. What’s more, it scans and organizes all the installed apps, and shows the information these apps can access from your phone. Online Device Management and SMS & Call Filter are some other features of the app that keeps your phone safe and secure.

So all the security-conscious users, install any one of the above mentioned security apps on your Android phone now.