Windows XP users are already warned of the higher degree of vulnerability toward malware attack than Windows 7 or Windows 8. But, some stubborn stragglers are yet to move an inch from Windows XP OS to migrate to Win7 or 8. Finally, here is another warning which came from Microsoft stating that Windows XP users will be exposed to a sea of malevolent security threats.

No security updates for Windows XP

Tim Rains from Director of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft warned Windows XP users through a TechNet blog post that Windows XP operating system will no longer be entitled to security updates starting from April 8, 2014 as Microsoft has withdrawn its support for Windows XP Service Pack 2. Therefore, this version of Windows OS will be prone to 66 percent greater rate of infection than Windows XP Service Pack 3.

After Windows XP Service Pack 2, the Service Pack 3 users are expected to receive similar results later when Microsoft will pull out final updates for this version. As a result, Windows XP version is likely to be susceptible to tsunami of malware attack. Microsoft recommends Windows XP stragglers to migrate to Windows 8 as this latest OS is the least, about six times lesser vulnerable to malware attacks.

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