According to the recent declaration of Microsoft, it requested its users to turn on the features for windows security since more & more malware is affecting the cyber tool at a very large extent. This is the recent warning being published by Microsoft according to recent computer world news that really made the computer buffs think twice before logging in.

User Account Control (UAC) is the character that is mainly accountable for its performance  installed in the very widely used software’s like Vista & the revised version of Windows7 that  enhance the probability of software installations by its users also approving specific  actions like using stronger anti viruses & special modes to save your system from other such  malwares. But if we look back regarding the history of UAC, we will find out that User Account Control (UAC) was hated & disregarded in maximum of the times & Microsoft also encountered with some kind of very major complaints regarding it which gave the crown of a very insignificant & unsuccessful operating system just two years ago. According to John Pescatore, people suffered from click fatigue & as far as the security part was concerned, none was happy with it. It also turned out to be a super flop show from the stability stand point too. But Microsoft took the complains very seriously & indulged in downplaying the UAC in Windows7  after a very short time of which the statistics gave some unexpected results of unsatisfied  users facing dual difficulty in a single computer orientation program. This turned out to be a nightmare for both windows & its users which really hit the track in a motive of negative deal respectively. With the very recent declaration Microsoft warned its users regarding the malware which is turning of the UAC & according to Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center (MMPC); its presence is very clear in the infected computers which are already affected in a huge amount from it. It has become very easy for the hackers to destroy the UAC by the use of a specific bug which instigates the user to click the OK button & giving the hacker an unprecedented access to the latter’s account. Microsoft has termed this feature as Privilege Elevation. It is a very easy method & anyone with a good knowledge of software hacking can do it easily. The bug that is being used not only disables the UAC but also infects the system in greater heights.

Some of the threats that can be encountered in this perimeter is Alureon root kits, the Bancos banking Trojan and fake antivirus software including the Sality virus family, which are capable of disabling the UAC completely. This is what the team of Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center, declared recently. Microsoft is looking at it as a very major problem which must be controlled as soon as possible. With UAC, not being problem free from the technical point of view. This was made clear by the researchers’ just month before the release of Windows7 with a featured bug that enables the hackers to use a perfect piggyback for dodging the Windows7 software getting a huge access to the system without any further difficulty.  Statistics shows that nearly one fourth of the PCs with malware had its UAC in a switched off mode due to the antics of the malware or simply because the user switched it off.