Good News for all the XP users. Malwarebytes has announced a new Anti-Malware Premium collection which gifts you with a lifetime support for all the Windows XP users. The announcement was done this Monday morning. The urge behind the creation is based on the customer data that shows 20% of the users are using Windows XP.

Advent of latest technology doesn’t mean that, it brings a stop to the world of hackers, but it rather enhances and upgrades cyber crime and criminals. For them the new and latest technologies give them a challenging attitude as they find themselves being at a playstore, paving their way towards the ultimatum and finally ready to ambush into your system. The new Anti-Malware Premium collection doesn’t boost you to stay with Windows XP but it presents you with the formula of different ways to protect your OS (operating system). The safe method of saving your machine and letting off hackers from barging into your system is to use Linux or at least upgrade your OS with Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The new Anti-Malware Premium collection brings you five easy to use Malwarebytes products. These products allow you to manage with the Malwares irrespective of your OS. This collection is embedded with a new malware detection engine which doesn’t need any type of signatures for constant updation with the malwares. The work of the engine is to identify any kind of suspicious software which is different from the traditional software. In traditional software you had to wait for confirmation to fix a malware but the new advent has changed the structure and shoots any kind of malware with its first detection. No more confirmation and then fixing, nip the malwares before it blooms and spreads.

What will you do if anyhow the new Anti-Malware Premium collection is unable to destroy a malware, and it trespasses your system? Well, for that a new Anti-Rootkit feature is present for your help. This Anti-Rootkit feature operates a quick scan of your PC to wipe out any kind of malware.

Chameleon is another type of safety device which forces your system to restart, operate a detailed malware scan even after your system has been disabled by an attack.

The new Anti-Malware Premium collection also provides protection against browser-based risks – destructive adware, toolbars and malicious URLs.

Malwarebytes’s Anti-Malware Premium collection is a set of antivirus collection. You can avail its features –

  • At an annual subscription of $24.95.
  • The subscription covers upto 3 PC’s.
  • Anti-Malware PRO lifetime-license subscriber can upgrade the new Anti-Malware Premium collection for free.
  • This collection is a lightweight 16MB download. You can even separate from this collection and enjoy the company’s well-known cleanup tool for free.