Yes, that’s right! Google is ready to answer to all criticisms and security allegation with its all new Chrome browser update. Google has reinforced its browser to be lesser vulnerable to malware than it used to be or it is than other browsers around. Hence, if you continue to use Google Chrome browser, then you will be safer online. Google claims that these new browser update will improve your web browsing experience and make it more secure than ever, with automatic updates and security research. That simply means that the Chrome browser will be able to automatically block malware and will notify users by flagging the site. According to Google, even if an antimalware fails to detect a malware, the ‘Canary’ version will spot it for you.

A cunning Canary?     

Canary, as Google has named its latest Google Chrome update, is designed by developers in ways that it will pop up malware warning notifications which will flash from the area where you view downloads. Such notification will show users that the browser has spotted and blocked a malware attack from being installed on their systems. The Canary will be backed with this new technology will be an additional security to already existing ‘safe browsing’ feature of Google Chrome browser. Google has also added that this new Canary feature is made robust to block up to 10,000 malware-infected websites every day, as per a reputation score.

Google added that “This is in addition to the 10,000 new websites we flag per day with Safe Browsing, which is used by Chrome and other browsers to keep more than 1 billion web users safe. Keeping you secure is a top priority, which is why we’re working on additional means to stop malicious software installs as well.”

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