Watch out! Holiday season is around the corner and so is the rate of online banking malware infection. Malware program writers are focused on tapping the surge of online shopping and banking activities to steal online banking credentials in this third quarter of 2013. According to a survey published by renowned antivirus manufacturer, Trend Micro, online banking malware infection is expected to rise to the apex since 2002.

Trend Micro report on online banking malware infection

The Trend Micro security vendor has claimed that they have discovered more than 200,000 new online banking malware infections within the span of July through September. The security vendor has added that this increased rate of malware infection incidence has been the highest ever in 11 years. In previous quarter of April to June, the count of malware infection has been 146,000. But not all online banking users are prone to this highest surge of malware infection. According to the security vendor, the infection is not evenly distributed throughout the world. European online banking users are exposed to lesser degree of online banking malware threat whereas users across the United States are what these malware authors are targeting at. Hence, the report clearly indicates that online banking malware authors and other cybercriminals have narrowed down upon US based banking customers.

Malware software targets Americans

Specifically the most affected users are of US origin; with Americans are reported to be vulnerable to 23 percent of new banking malware infection; while Brazilian users are prone to 16 percent malware infection and Japanese are at 12 percent. Other countries which are discovered to be affected include Mexico, India, Australia, Vietnam, France, Germany, and Taiwan, according to Trend Micro report.

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