Mozilla Firefox is to get after Google Chrome. OPSWAT has extended its Metascan Online service on another browser platform to scan and save from unwarranted online threat. This is a browser add-on utility which is intended to scan browsing, scan file download, web connections and websites.

What is Metascan Online?

Metascan Online by OPSWAT is a cloud-based online scanning security solution which covers online virus scan by 40 major antivirus engines including Kaspersky, ESET, Bitdefender, Avira, F-Secure, AVG and many more. This online virus scan is designed to ensure the files users download online will not inject malware to their PCs. This Metascan Online uses IP scanning technology to scan websites for suspicious malicious behavior and malware threats by leveraging IP reputation sources. With this online malware scan equipped to Firefox, checking websites and links becomes downright easy – it just takes right-clicking a webpage URL and choosing the tool “”Scan with Metascan Online”. If that link will be a downloadable file then it will be uploaded to Metascan Online. After uploading, the link will be checked with more than 40 commercial antivirus vendors. Once the scanning through these antivirus engines, it generates a thorough detailed report to detail on threats spotted and remedied.

On the other hand, if the link is of a website then, Metascan Online scans the link with a wide range of 13 database of malicious websites such as Alien Vault, Malware Domain List, Malc0de, Spy Eye Tracker, Phish Tank, Zeus Tracker, Spamhaus, and other sites. Metascan Online for Firefox also allows scanning running websites, webpages or web connections to detect threats.

How to download Metascan Online for Firefox?

With this comprehensive online threat scanning package, here is only one downside. OPSWAT has not released any extension for Metascan Online for Firefox on the browser. To get this online malware scanning tool, users need to download from OPSWAT website. You just need to create an account and login with the site and download the API.