Today the world has become too fast and even a bigger task can be performed in few minutes. This has become possible just due to the internet. Today almost everything can be done online. This increases the methods for the users to access their accounts in a much better and faster way. But this also opens a gateway to the hackers to harm the banks and ultimately the user. The more a bank increases option for data access, the more is the requirement of security to it. There are many banks that are not much bigger in economically and are losing $1 million almost every year. This is just because of the net banking that the bank provides to its customers.

The main cause of these problems is either a user who has unknowingly downloaded a worm in the PC of the organization or the hacker is too intelligent to be stopped. But these things can’t be tolerated. And all these things are happening just because of the online facility that organization has provided to its customers. But this can’t be stopped. So the victim organizations joined their hands together to fight against these hackers to protect themselves and also the other firms. A company of Sanford lost around $300,000, just because of the online hackers. This made the organization learn this fact, but in a harder way. All the victim organizations joined and created a Cyber Looting Awareness Security Project (CLASP).

The main purpose of CLASP is to inform the commercial online customers that they should take the business financial security in their own hands and not rely on the banks security. This directly makes the customer aware of the fact that his money that he thinks is in the bank and is safe is actually his misconception. And he can lose all his earnings in a blink of an eye. When the customer takes an active participation in such things then it becomes easier to save the money. This is because when the customer is alert then no one can easily hack in and take away the money.

So basically there are two main ways to prevent the hackers from bank accounts. The very first is to make the employees and customers aware of the fact that their money in the bank is not at all safe. Also educating them so that any kind of foolish activity does not happen. And thus avoid the hackers to enter in the bank’s network layer. The next way is not very expensive and very effective. In every firm or organization there is at least one old PC. This can be used as a positive point. This old and outdated PC can be converted into a bank terminal. These methods avoid the system to be hacked. There is another way of avoiding the system hacks by making the security layer more complex and big.