We have been familiar to spam attack on telephone calls and text messages, email messages and now spammers have chosen social media. Explosive social media spam increase is recorded at 355% in the first half of 2013, according to a new study conducted by Nexgate. Spammers are using different types of distributional mechanisms throughout all major social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter and other networks.

What kinds of spam are rounding at social media networks?

Phishing attacks

Spammers are using a plethora of mechanisms with link and text-based spammers are the most widespread techniques they have adopted to bait unsuspecting social media users. These text links work as phishing attacks and take target users to spammers’ webpage or website which will often lure or deceive users to give personal information, ploy sympathetic request top to spread the spam message within recipients’ circles and even worse, ask for money or credit card credentials or bank account details.


Most social media networks feature ‘Like’ buttons and spammers have devised new methods to goad social network users to click such similar buttons and take such actions. Have you thought that you are secure because you are not clicking any fake links, but those harmless like buttons then, be prepared to hear this. Spammers are creating fake accounts and social bots in order to trick users into clicking images or icons which appear as such buttons. According to Nextgate, these new spamming attacks may significantly affect social media presence businesses as well as returns on their social media marketing campaigns.

Other finds of this study on social media spam increase revealed that security systems are able to detect only 15% of links as spam and 5% social media apps as spam. Furthermore, 20% of all social media spammy apps are actually identified as brand-owned social media pages. Fake spammy profiles are able to generate greater mass of content and popularity than genuine social media profiles. And worst still, out of 7 social media accounts, 5 accounts are detected to be of spammers.

Therefore, you need to watch out before you like any social media profile, page or content. Is verifying these links and protecting your PC against social media spam too complicated to handle on your own?

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