Security threats can come to you in any form and the latest one to enter the list is Regin – a sophisticated piece of spyware that has been prying on servers for years. The existence of Regin spyware came to light from the reports published by Symantec security specialist.

As per the reports released by Symantec, the Regin malware is like a cyber-espionage tool that is designed to steal the secrets of many foreign governments and businesses. This malware is in use since 2008 and is still used to infiltrate email databases, keep a check at network traffic, steal confidential data like login passwords and monitor mouse clicks.  The worst – it makes a number of changes to files and registry keys, which cannot even be detected by any antivirus.

If reports are to be believed, Regin is found behind several sophisticated cyber-attacks performed by US and British intelligence agencies on the European Union and a Belgian Telecommunication company. It is so, because the security threat – Regin spyware was found on the Belgian phone provider Belgacom’s networks. The Belgian company had been targeted in surveillance operations by the British Spy Agency Government Communications Headquarters. Similar malware was also found on the exact same European Union computer systems, which had been targeted by the National Security Agency.

Aren’t these details enough to measure the threat severity of Regin malware? But, a simple precaution can still keep your exposure minimum to such threats. Here are some tips to minimize exposure to Regin spyware:

  • Your Operating System should be the latest one.
  • Ensure that your security software is up-to-date.
  • Ensure regular scans are performed.
  • Keep your web browsers updated to avoid any security vulnerabilities.
  • Be careful of pop-ups appearing on your system.
  • Be careful before clicking on any suspicious advertisement or links.

These steps taken by your will not provide complete protection against any security threat, but will definitely reduce down the chances of attacks by Regin.