More bad news is in store for Target credit card breach victims. Recent updates reveal that hacked credit card numbers are now leaked in black market. Around 40 million credit card accounts are reportedly flooded in black market. Thus, Target shoppers are exposed to even more severe threats this holiday. But, here is a silver lining too. In their endeavor to seek apology to more than those 40 million Target shoppers for the alleged security breach, Target has offered special 10 percent discount for shoppers shopping from their stores.

Credit card numbers being sold for $20?

Do you think this repentant 10% reductions at target compensate the loss caused to credit card hack victims? Probably not as their card number leaks in black market will expose them to even more grave financial threats. As per the data revealed by KrebsOnSecurity, the site which reports cyber-security threats, hacked credit and debit card accounts are being infiltrated for varied rates, starting from $20 to $100. Those hacked card details are being leaked in batches of one million cards.

Will Target’s apologetic discount appease shoppers or attorneys?

Gregg Steinhafel, Chief Executive of Target has issued apology to customers who whose credit card and debit cards are now taken over by hackers. Shoppers who bought goods from Target stores within the period of Black Friday to December 15, 2013 are exposed to the security breach.

“We recognize this has been confusing and disruptive during an already busy holiday season” – he quoted. Though the apology could not mollify the anger roused among shoppers who went on venting their grudges and warning others of the hacking attack made on Target point-of-sale systems. Shoppers filed lawsuit against Target. State attorneys of New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and South Dakota had demanded more details on the security breach and negligence of the retail giant toward security protection and invasion of privacy.

Target came up with an explanation of how the credit card fiasco took place and also promised that those shoppers will not have to incur fraudulent charges whichever will be applied to their credit card accounts.