Who likes a slow computer? No one does. You wouldn’t like to open an application or a document and wait for it to open, right? This is not a movie, there’s no popcorn. Your computer needs to run fast! And there are ways to do it. To make sure that your computer is running at the fastest speed possible, you need to maintain it properly. Here are three easy ways to increase the computer speed.

Malware and Spyware

Spyware takes all your personal information from the computer and you wouldn’t even know about it. If your computer has spyware, you need to get an antivirus solution and clean up your computer. Checking for malware and Spyware on your computer should be done at regular intervals on your computer. Both malware and spyware are harmful for your computer and they also make your computer run terribly slow because these applications would be running silently in the background. Make sure you are using a good antivirus solution on your computer and make sure that the virus definitions of that software are updated regularly.

Disk Cleanup

When the Disk is full, the computer takes longer time than usual, to respond. Cleaning up the disk space can make your computer lot faster. There’s a Microsoft tool that you can use, which is called Dish Cleanup. This tool removes the temporary files, empties the recycle bin on your computer, deletes the error reports, and also remove unused Restore points on your computer. By cleaning up this space from the computer, this tool makes your computer faster. You can also delete unwanted programs that you’ve installed on your computer with this tool!

Disk Fragmentation

This is another great Microsoft tool that you should be using. Disk Fragmentation is a process which consolidates the fragmented data on your Hard disk. Whenever a file is saved on hard disk, it’s broken into bits and pieces and is saved in various locations on your hard disk. And when you access the file again, your computer searches for all these bits and pieces, which are in various locations, and then opens the file. With Disk Fragmentation these bits and pieces are brought together so that the computer takes less time to search for these bits. Hence this tool is really important to make your computer respond faster.