Are you yet not ready to bid adieu to Windows XP operating system even after Microsoft has stopped support for this version within coming six months? If not, then you need to plunge at the idea of migrating to Windows 8 or 7 in order to keep PCs safe from hackers. That’s right! Windows XP has been discovered to be an easier target of hackers as this version of operating system has sported higher rate of vulnerability toward malware infection than its later versions.

Mike Reavey, the general manager of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing, has revealed in a keynote presentation at the RSA Conference in Amsterdam. He gathered statistics and data from real-world computers running Windows OS and concluded “Windows XP is six times more likely to be infected than Windows 8, even though it has the same malware encounter rate. “There are over one billion Windows machines online and we can use them to track malware.”

According to the data, Windows XP and Windows Vista-based computers are found to be have infected by about 16% malware attacks. With such rate of malware attacks registered on Windows XP and Vista, these two versions are turned out to be about 19% more vulnerable to malware threats than Windows 7 and 12% more vulnerable than Windows 8. Of 1000 Windows-based computers been scanned, about 9.1 Windows XP SP3-based computers were known to be prone to malware infection, whereas an average 5.5 Windows Vista computers in 1000 had encountered malware, about 4.9 Windows 7-based computers and only 1.6 Windows 8 machines had malware infection out of 1000. Hence, Windows XP has been discovered six times more unsafe than Windows 8 in terms of malware infection.

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