The well known Research In Motion team took decision to see some alternatives for the popular BlackBerry Messenger application named as BBM 6 as per the users .The new features will now add more social experience in addition to the increased application integration ,some of the social discovery for application and some of the modern social gaming facilities.

According to rumors, the new BBM, now called as BBM 6 will alter the game for both the application developers inside the BlackBerry as well as end users. It also permits developers to generate applications with the help of newly designed application interface of BBM , which even permits the users to come in touch with each other from the beginning of the BBM connected applications which means that the currently developed games for example could permit the players to call for IBM connections to join them or possibly have an informal conversation with them without the connections never leaving the play.

BBM6 also assists in discovery of the application by allowing the users view and also download those who are in the list of the profile of friends. According to Alistair Mitchell, who is the Vice President of BBM Platform as well as Integrated Services at Research in Motion, “This constitutes a chance for developers to purchase the spreading nature of the BBM service”. He also added that RIM people have also started working with several other developers worldwide and thus bring their connected applications to the BlackBerry Application World, the coming week. The well known location detectors –check in service named Foursquare is operating with the RIM in order to enable those who are utilizing to indirectly update the statuses of BBM through their application. In the meantime, companies like Wikitude, HuffPo and TelMap are also amalgamated with BBM to enhance the servicing.
BBM6 engenders upheaval to a platform .But we need to wait to see whether it is enough to keep the users from clumping to iPhone as well as Android platforms which already delivers the users the best social experiences.
It is found that analytic thinking in the movement has constructed a decision to flip the favored application for Blackberry Messenger 6 (BBM 6), as the buyers name it , into a good deal which will give a fully fledged social experience along with integration of the application ,social gaming and many of the social application discovery.
BBM 6 will be in the market within the coming days and you can see it in the Blackberry network site. By that time handful of BBM applications that are linked with these will be slowly entering the BlackBerry Application Worldwide throughout the coming week.