Today the world is of Android devices. Every person wants to have it. This is because of the brilliant and amazing features offered in these devise. One of the best features of the Android devices is that if the user is a Spotify premium user then he can listen to Spotify’s 13 million tracks from his Android device. Even if the user is in offline mode, the user can create his own playlist and listen it when he is offline. Actually the offline mode is very useful for such users who have to frequently travel on planes. And this is also useful to those users who have to visit such places where internet is not available. This is also useful for reducing the data usage by synchronizing the playlist when the user in a Wi-Fi connection. The user has to just follow some simple steps so that he can perform this task. Following are the steps needed to be performed for creating a playlist from the Android devices:

Step 1: The very first step that the user needs to do is to launch the Spotify app and then click on the Edit offline Playlist button.

Step 2: The next step the user has to perform is to hit the check box next to the desired playlist that the user needs to synchronize. After this, Spotify will automatically start synchronizing the tracks into the user’s device.

Step 3: After the user opens the synchronized playlist. He will notice a green colored icon next to each track.

Step 4: Now to force Spotify to play the music in the offline mode, so that user can enjoy this feature, the user has to click on the More option that is situated at the bottom of the screen. Then the user has to click the check box which is next to the offline mode.

Step 5: Now the user will be able to play the tracks in the playlist when he is offline.

This is one such feature of an Android device which makes it different from the other products in the market. This is also the only reason that Android devices are making a good remark in the international market. Today Android devices are the point of concern and are being made advanced in each and every detail. There are multinational companies that are actually taking part in this area and making this field more competitive.

Even Apple has its Android devices and that are also in good demand. Some things a Android user must keep in mind that he must be an Spotify premium user. And the maximum number of tracks that the user can synchronize is actually limited to 3,333 only. And the user still has to log in the Spotify account at least once in a month so that he can verify that he is still a premium member.