The market for Android was opened by Google especially for the Android devices. On most of the Android devices, an application program is built-in, which helps users to go through as well as download applications which are issued by any other developers held on Android Market. Users can get elaborate information about the applications from the website of Android Market.

The Naïve Android Market

The current market has come up with the books and movies. Currently Google has introduced  a naïve version exclusively for the Android Market for all those devices which are running the Android 2.2 version or an operating system of higher version in declaration by Google .The naïve Android market will not only bring innovative designs, but also along with it some movies for rents and books for sales. The people of Google proclaimed through the Mobile blog post that they are going to publicize this in all the available mobiles of Android 2.2 or higher version.

According to the product manager of Google, Paul Monotony, “Now that users of America can choose as well as hire from thousands of films and can also download to their Smartphone instantly which is obtained at the rate of $1.99.Now even applications using video can be downloaded easily without waiting for long and even anybody can download the books also similarly. The design of the page has been wonderfully done with number of charts included in it, with lot of choices open for the editor with number of collections for outstanding messages.

Furthermore, if you are not aware of the market, you can notice that there are about 200,000 applications with about 4.5 billion applications to transfer in accordance with the date of release in May 2011. But, whatever it be, users need not have to do anything particular to get a new Android Market, as it will happen mechanically.

Applications you should not miss

The Android based smart phones as well as tablets are flooding the markets and these are increasing exponentially too. Though some of them are free, some are paid but it quite useful.

LogMeIn Ignition

This is one of the remote –desktop applications, which will work astonishingly and if you have a proper internet connection for the Android device, it is the best in use. The UI is very user friendly and can be very much simpler and it’s easy to access the entire needed file on any of the desktop without any trouble. The quality is obtained at the rate of 1,335.25 which you can choose from Android Market.

Quadrant Standard

These are tools or applications for many of the peripherals of PC. Another best thing is that, Android smart phones have got a clear benchmark to even check the ability of your devices. This tool is quite useful to note the performance of your own set. It is free in the market.


Its an e-book reader and the interface is fantastic and most interesting about  it is, it tracks the life and make the reading more appealing. It is also free.

Some of the long-awaited application of videos will be brought by the Android market, i.e. all in a single marketplace with books, applications and videos.