Android has been in market for over a year now and it has already captured a mass user share in terms of App use.

Android market is full of app sand games where some are fee and for some users have to pay.

Here are top 5 Android apps:


It is considered to be most practical application as in contains most of the Social media and blog information. User can view articles and Wikipedia subjects, raves in their twitter account and can also view latest news and blogs.

Using this application, a user can also view Google Map.


This app is used for finding audio content online. The application is also very much appreciated for its capability of exporting subscription from Google Reader.

This podcast application allows users to take full feed backup and simpler retrieval of past episodes.


It is used to add more frequently used application on your Android phone home screen.  There might be so many apps and tools which you want to access immediately like the Task Manager, GTalk, etc. You can use AnyCut application to add such application on the home screen for the ease of access.


Android does not have any browser syncing as of now. This lack of functionality also limits user to export passwords from desktop or laptop. Secret application can be considered a benchmark in such way as it will allow users to backup, import, export password between PC and Android phone.

It will store all the credentials in your phone and will allow users to save password and user name for desired websites.

TasKiller Free:

Android phone provides used to perform multitask, but there are some drawback for multi tasking as well, like the high RAM usage, slower performance and video playback. Some application provide option to “Quit” and “Exit” but there are some application which runs in the background and use the system resource without even user knows about it. For this same reason, TasKiller application is developed to manage the phone resource and stop unnecessary applications and tools running in the background.


An Android smartphone is used way differently than a desktop or a laptop.

It does not allow you to see files and shortcuts and makes a bit difficult for users to visit and manage multiple files and application simultaneously.

Slidescreen can eliminate this drawback from you smartphone. It can be used to create rows for messages and feeds and if you like, you can also Slide the main center info up and down to view or hide the detailed information.

It can replace the standard Tray style home screen view as it provides you eight slots to keep your favorite and frequently used apps.

These applications are voted and supported by most of the users and it is a personal choice and requirement for each users to like or dislike any application.