Microsoft has finally announced that the new Windows Phone operating system code named “Mango” has reached the released to manufacturing stage. The operating system will now be available to carriers and handset makers. Users now have to wait for phone manufacturers to release new phone models with this new Windows phone updated OS. The announcement of release of manufacturing stage signifies that Microsoft has completed the development of the OS and now the OS is passing through carrier testing stage. The Mango OS is loaded with several new functions and features. The official theme for Mango OS is the same red theme used in Windows Phone.

Microsoft has come a long way in the Smartphone marketplace and the release of Windows Phone Mango OS is big milestone in its evolution. The Mango OS will be pre-installed on new Windows phone while the Mango update will also be available to current Windows Phone handsets users in this fall. Microsoft expect the users to experience the new features and provide feedback which will decide the direction of future journey and development of new features for this new Mango OS for Windows phone

Fujitsu branded Windows Phone will be launched by the end of August with carrier KDDI in Japan market. Microsoft had displayed the Windows Phone Mango at Worldwide Partner Conference. Some of the Mango Windows Phone displayed at the conference was waterproof Fujitsu branded Windows Phone, Acer and new ZTE devices. Microsoft also displayed a new Samsung Windows Phone Mango that look similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S II Android phone. Windows Mango Phones will support devices having front camera. Microsoft has not revealed the hardware specification for its new Mango windows devices. However, a specification for HTC device which is HTC Windows Mango phone was leaked recently. The HTC device will have 1.3 front facing cameras. The HTC Eternity will have a 4.7 WVGA super LCD display, 8MP camera with dual LED flash and Autofocus and 1.5GHz CPU. The HTC Eternity will have SRS surround speakers, 16GB storage and DLNA support.

Industry observers expect that Windows Phone Mango will be launched in September or October and it will be equipped with around 500 new functions/features such as support for Windows Live Messenger, Facebook. The new Windows Mango will also support multitasking. The new feature offered in Windows Phone Mango OS simplifies the communication in a smart way. The apps provided in OS will give the user the best web experience. Some of the exciting features that will become popular with users are combined messaging which allows the user to access IM, Facebook conversation in one window. User will also be able to listen to music, check email and start or exit different application at one time. The search results can also be connected to apps an integrated with Hubs such as Music, Video and Pictures.

Users are extremely excited to see different Windows Phone Mango from different manufacturers. The new Mango OS is expected to create its own niche in Smartphone category.