Facebook, the biggest social networking giant has unveiled the guide that will assist in growing your business along with helping the budding entrepreneurs to take the correct decision at the correct time. Till now Facebook has not only served the society as a medium of connection but also as the most effective way to fight crime, spreading knowledge & of course making the world a better place to live in!

A business runs on its ability of marketing. The sounder its marketing strategy, the more successful is the business. It is like giving the customer a perfect idea about the product or service, price of it, place to buy & promotional activities which is associated with generating awareness. The new online guide for business will equip the businessmen with the step by step ways regarding how to reach to the target consumers in an effective yet in an easy way. It is just like an online business tutorial, ready to assist you always. We can compare it with the initiative of Google which has applied the same logic with its social networking site making the business people too able to use it. Making user friendliness as one of the main unique selling propositions, Face book has taken up the step.

In any business the most important part is to select the target consumers. For example if you are having a business of winter garments & searching your customers in the Sahara, you won’t be successful. This guide will assist you to target the right consumers & marketing in the correct place & correct time. This will help you to set up the web page that will attract the customers who really admires & requires your commodity. This will be provided to you with a step by step demonstration that will really make this venture the easiest for you. Next comes the promotional matters. It will show & guide you to the perfect ways of promoting your product. Promotion is a very essential part in effective marketing mix & the pillar of any business. Be it tangible or intangible goods, your marketing must be efficient. This guide will make you aware about the same. Be it publishing advertisements or stories for sponsoring your product, this initiative of Face Book will never cease to amaze you up. Finally you will make this page the best platform in re- incarnating it into a business weapon from a guide.

Face book has taken up this step lately, but better late than never! In the month of March it has launched a new activity to encourage the business professionals to use it & by which they can migrate a personal profile into a business page.