Recently you posted a Tweet about a new job opening in your company and soon your account flooded with job opportunities from different Twitter users. Well, this is a common spam problem that most of the Twitter users face every time they Tweet something that involve mass attention.

A spam in Twitter is nothing but a prohibited behavior that disturbs human sentiments and violates the Twitter Rules. Such spamming includes activities like, posting harmful links, aggressive following behaviors, abusing the @reply or @mention function to post unwanted messages to users, creating multiple accounts, posting links with unrelated Tweets, etc.

The good thing is that the Twitter takes the spam issues seriously and this is the reason it has provided a better and more proactive solution to resolve the spam issue. Twitter makes it easy to report spam and block users on Twitter and it diligently review the account you report to be spam and suspend or remove it entirely. Reporting a spam in Twitter is easy, here‘s how you can do it.

Steps to report a spam on Twitter

If you found a profile that shows spamming behavior or Tweet content that violates the Twitter rules, then you need to follow these steps to report spam:

1. Go to the account profile of the person or group you report to be spam

2. Click the person icon that brings up a drop-down actions menu

3. Click on Report @username for spam

Once you click Report @username for spam, Twitter will automatically block the user from following you or from replying to you.

Steps to block users on Twitter

This option helps you to block a user in Twitter and not reporting them as spam. Once you block a user, you can restrict them from following you, adding you to their contact lists, seeing your profile picture on their profile page or on timeline, and sharing @replies or @mentions showing in your mentions tab. Here are the steps.

1. Log in to your Twitter account

2. Go to the profile page of the user you want to block

3. Click on the person icon on their profile page

4. In the drop-down actions menu, select Block from the options listed.

Twitter provides an easy and convenient method to report a spam and block a user; however, it might take some time in reviewing your report and taking necessary actions. But, before anything else, Twitter block the account and restrict its entry in your profile immediately you report a spam or block an account.