Using PowerPoint has always been debated as different people have different tips to share we have accumulated few of those which are accepted by majority of those who use PowerPoint.

While using PowerPoint one must always keep in mind that he or she should never avoid the basics of PowerPoint i.e. dark on light and Light on Dark. Let me explain it to you. While creating slide if you happen to go for the dark back ground like black or maybe Blue please make sure you don’t chose fonts that are dark too. They will give your audience a hard time reading you slide. Please keep your font light in shade or change the background to light shade if you want to use dark fonts. I would also recommend you not to experiment too much with the fonts as it may backfire. Please choose similar fonts for all slides. And say no to Italic or Cursive as it may make it difficult to read for those sitting at the end.

Audience would come to listen to you and look the presentation as well so please don’t forget to speak. The biggest mistake most of us make is we use long sentences on our slide. Please use short sentences and bullet points on the slide and then tell them the story you want to narrate. If you can please add images and videos as they bring the attraction of the audience but if they are not used correctly they can also ruin your presentation so we would recommend you to use “B” for black screen or “W” white screen once you have started talking about your presentation. With the release of Office 2011 using images have become much easier and can be customized as per your choice you can crop or remove the back ground or even compress the videos. But in case you are using Office 2010 64bit please do not try to embed any online videos as it does not support it rather download and then embed the video. Even we would recommend to avoid complicated charts or diagrams and if they are necessary please provide a soft copy or provide a print out so it.

At the end we would advise you to keep practicing as the timing is crucial and more accurate is your timing better will be you presentation. Wishing you all the best for your experience with PowerPoint with the above tips.