AOL is one of the eminently popular Internet software which handles all your needs like web browsing, e-mailing and instant messaging.AOL is currently accessible in two versions: AOL 9.5 and AOL Desktop Version 10.1. AOL is quite handy to use.

Installing AOL on Windows Vista is simple and uncomplicated and it involves some simple stages.

These are few simple instructions which can give you a simple idea about the installation process:

First check if your device is compatible with this software. If it is then go to desktop and double click on “Internet Explorer” now just click on the icon on task bar. You will get the internet browser open. Now enter the URL in the address bar of your browser and press the enter button. In the case of any difficulties while downloading you can go to any online helpline article like “Unable to download AOL”.

When you get the AOL page just scroll down under “services”, click “downloads.” Now you will move to the page named as “Free AOL download” .Before you start downloading it is recommended that you terminate all open applications. Now you will have two options to choose from “AOL 9.5’ and “AOL desktop version10.1,”choose any one of these according to your requirement and click the “download now” button.

After the successful installation you will get a prompt message stating that “you have successfully installed AOL application.” Now click on the launch button to start a new program.

Tips and Warning

After the installation process you need to restart your computer to ensure that the installation process was successful. If you are new to this AOL software and you want to choose from the two versions then AOL provides you a preview of both the programs. To do this process you just go to AOL home page and click “download” now you are taken to “free downloads page” click  the “find out more’ link alongside the message “Aren’t you sure whether to choose AOL 9.5 or AOL desktop version 10.1?”. now preview the two versions and decide which one to download.

You can also install AOL by using AOL CD

If you have AOL CD then you don’t need to go online, just insert the CD in CD drive, the CD automatically start installation of new and latest version of AOL application on your PC after performing the compatibility check.

You just need to perform following steps to install the AOL CD:

Insert your AOL CD in CD drive and stick to on-screen prompts.

To select the version you want to install double click on “my computer” icon on your desktop and Open “folder” options in Windows Vista on the left side click the “Organize” menu and go to “folder and search” option. Now just click on the “view” tab, you will get advanced setting now in the “hidden files and folder” section click on “show hidden files and folders”. After that click “ok.” Now go back to window explorer and right click on “TRYAOL” then click on “explore” button. After that you will get a list of folders and files, now double click on the AOL folder corresponding to the version you wish to install. Double click on “setup.exe” file and go along with the on-screen prompt.