Syncing MS Outlook with the Google Calendar has made life easy. The need for more such programs has increased, in particular, one which allows the user to synchronize Microsoft Outlook with Google Contacts. When the need is to synch Outlook notes, tasks and contacts with Google services as well as synch Gmail contacts using Outlook categories and Gmail groups, there are few options available online.

Official Google Apps Synch

One primary option is the one launched by Google itself. It is called the Google Apps Synch which acts as a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 editions and as such, allows the user to import data from Microsoft Exchange straight into Google Apps. This enables the user to access any information at any point in time from either interface. In order to be able to use this option, however, the user needs to have a domain name and a connected Google Apps account. This app fulfills the purpose, namely, complete and accurate synching of Microsoft Outlook with Google Contacts admirably.

Unfortunately for most users, though, the application is not a free application but involves a fixed per person per year fee of 50$. Email messages, contacts, folders, calendar events, tasks, notes as well as journal entries get moved to Outlook. It needs to be noted, however, that Google Apps Synch simply takes a snapshot of these articles of interest in the status that they exist in at the time of the synching and doesn’t conduct any automatic updates. Also, currently this option only works on Google Apps accounts that are of the Premiere Edition. The Standard edition is free for all users but does not allow access to the Google Apps Synch.

Third Party gSyncit

Another way to synch Microsoft Outlook’s data with the Google cloud is to purchase the utility program gSyncit online. This program is just as flexible and adaptable to almost any need during synchronization. Though this program is also not a free for all users program, the charges are relatively low and at 15$ per person per year, it almost seems like a nominal charge. Microsoft Outlook contacts, tasks as well as notes are synched easily with the help of gSyncit. Being compatible with many Operating Systems like Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and the new Windows 7, makes gSyncit widely usable and versatile. This program also reduces the chance of duplicate entries being created while synching by automatically cross checking for similar entries. For the purpose of trial, an unregistered free edition exists that is limited to synching only 20 contacts or tasks etc. exists and can be downloaded easily.


There are a number of other downloads available online that are free but have limited usage and scope. Goosync, Kigoo and Soocial are all existing options with speckled levels of success. Another option that most users brand tedious and time consuming is importing and exporting CSV files.

It seems to be about time Google develops a synching program for non Google Apps users without a domain name attached to them. A free software option at this stage would be the answer to many a users’ question.