Barnes & Noble Increment is the largest book store in United States founded in 1873 as a printing business and in 1917 as the book retailers. Now Barnes & Noble has made their website and are also facilitating its customers with online shopping service.

Android operating system

For mobile devices such as cellular phones, tablet computers and net books there exist as an operating system called Android. Android was made by Google and is founded upon the Linux kernel and GNU software.

Barnes & Noble Nook

Barnes & Noble nook is an electronic reader manufactured by Barnes & Noble. The announcement regarding this instrument was made on 20th October 2009 in United States but was released on 30th November 2009. Now the company has announced a new WIFI only model.

There were e-readers available before this invention like Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader but they were not as good and fast as Nook. So Barnes & Noble Nook is competing against Amazon and Sony products with its latest exclusive WIFI feature.

Nook App Is another Sign of Android Ascent

As Barnes & Noble has launched Nook application based on the Android platform so it shows that Google is all around to prove itself. The Nook has all the features like launching Barnes & Noble e-book store, using it as mp3 player, letting others to sample your library with Lend Me feature, synchronic purchases and page counts from corner to corner multiple devices. Nook is easy to carry with as it can easily be settled in your suitcase.

So Android ascent is proving itself and is attracting developers to innovate things, as Barnes & Noble has taken the initiative and has launched Nook. Nook became possible due to the Android platform availability. Android is having almost all the same features like iOS but now Android is widening its scope and making its market more as in China it is much valued.

So at last I will like to sum up all this by saying that the customers will enjoy as there is a strong competition in the market and still more innovations are coming. There are always chances for the investors to invest if they have to earn huge profits because as there is more competition but any of product will mount and give investors a big sum of money.

Nook application for Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad is a very competitive step by Barnes & Noble and it’s a great application to work with.