Microsoft Office suite is the most used application in all size of enterprises. Companies rely on MS Word, Excel for most of the data processing and data management work. MS Outlook is also one of the applications included in MS Office which is used to maintain internal mailing requirement.
Here are six ways to work faster in MS Outlook:

1. Auto-archive the old mails in Outlook:
Many users do not feel the need to archive the old emails, they prefer to delete the emails but this process can get hectic at times. If you are working in a company then you might be restricted to use a particular size of emails over the intranet and you must be receiving mail from the IT department to archive the old emails.

Archiving the old emails can prevent your mails folder from exceeding the decided limit and however it takes longer to retrieve archived emails.
Default Outlook settings allows to run Auto-archive every 14 days, and it archive the mails which are older than 6 months. Users can change these default settings as per individual requirement.

2. Create reminders:
In MS Outlook, user can create color coded messages for the important meetings as reminders. Even though, these messages have some visual identification, users might need to add some description for better understanding. User can add description by selecting Follow up / Custom option.

3. Better way to send file attachment

The most common way of sending a mail with attachment is to open the mail client and then compose a new email, click on attach fie and then find the desired file. But, there is another better and fast way to send attachment by simply right clicking of the desired file and then choose Sent to/ Mail recipient. This will load the default mail client with a new message and the selected file will be attached there.

4. Make changes to Outlook Spell checker:

Spelling errors are a big no-no in the professional arena and nobody wants to either send or receive any mail with grammatical or spelling errors. That is why we use spell checker in most of the office application.
In Outlook, you can make some changes in the in the spell checker setting to make work more efficiently. For this, you need to select the File menu and then go to Option/Mail/ Spelling & Autocorrect/Custom Dictionary/Edit Word List. Here you can add names, or terms which should be detected as an error while spell check. Make sure you spell the names and terms correctly.

5. Add Outlook in the Notification

You can also add MS Outlook in the Notification area which gives you the ease to launch Outlook by just one click. Creating a group for similar applications will also make your Taskbar a bit less crowded.

Switch between anther Office applications:

At times you might need to work on two or three office applications simultaneously. There are some shortcut keys defines which can be used to work efficiently without using the mouse click like Ctrl+Shift+H can be used to open a new MS Word Document, or PowerPoint presentation while working in Outlook.