Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, provided a glimpse of the company’s plans for the year 2011 as it addressed the Mobile World Congress. The company is planning to update its Window Phone 7 operating system. According to sources, Internet Explorer Mobile 9 will be available on Windows Phone 7.

At present the users of Windows Phone 7 are using Internet Explorer Mobile, which is commonly known as IE7 Mobile. There are some features of Internet Explorer 8 added to it. The launch of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) brings with it a lot of performance improvements and additional features. ActiveX filtering and quicker tab closing are some of the new features added to IE9.

If the rumours are believed to be true then this would be a good chance for Microsoft to reassure its customers. Microsoft is likely to release the Windows Phone 7 update with IE Mobile 9. If that is the plan conceived by Microsoft then the August/September time frame for launch can be understood.

Analysts believe that the IE Mobile 9 will be the first major update of Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 will be updated with the latest HTML 5-complaint browser. Silverlight will however remain one of the primary tools for development in Windows Phone 7 and this configuration is understood to remain unchanged.

There are some features which might not get incorporated into the update for Windows Phone 7. There are rumors that there will not be any more updates between the first NoDo Windows Phone 7 and the present update. There are still other analysts who believe that Microsoft will not forgo the NoDo updates completely but will go for an interim update between NoDo and Mango.

There are also reports that the Mango update will bring for third party apps, multitasking support. Furthermore Twitter will supposedly get integrated directly into the People Hub on the phones. Whatever be the case, the final picture of the update will become clear only once the product gets launched by mid September.