In 2011, Blackberry makers, Research in Motion’s (RIM) launched Blackberry Playbook. This is a next generation Tablet PC which is supposed to be the answer of Apple’s much hyped iPad.

It was launched in April 2011 in USA and Canada with the hope of winning consumer’s heart and mind.

The device is powered with 1GHz Dual core processor and comes with 1 GB RAM. Like any other device, Blackberry PlayBook is also not intact from any fault or mistakes and for the same reason, the manufactures of such products provide an option to restore the device to factory default settings.

Restoring any device to the factory defaults settings takes the device back the stage when it was delivered to you first.

There are two methods to factory reset a Blackberry Playbook:

Method 1:

This step will erase all everything from your computer like the apps you installed and all the data. So it is suggested to take back of the required data if you want to use the same data in future.

Step 1: Select the settings options by pushing the cog on the top right corner of you PlayBook.

Step2:  Now you need to scroll down all the way till Security options.

Step3: At this step, it will give you the option to factory wipe and will also ask for the type blackberry to confirm.

Step4: One the above steps are completed, you BlackBerry PlayBook will reboot and will show the manufactures and brand logo for some time.

One the process is completed; it will load everything as the first day. It will also ask you to follow the setup process again.


It is suspected that the method 1 can remove everything from your PlayBook including sample files and sample HD Video Demo. However, there is another method to perform factory default setting which does not remove any sample files from your PlayBook.

In this method, we use Desktop manager utility to perform factory default.

Step1:Attach your device with PC using MicroUSB cable and launch the Desktop Manager utility.

Step2: Now take the backup from your device and select Device/Update from the desktop manager tool.

Step3: While you are still connected to your PC, Reboot your BlackBerry Playbook. A new pop up screen will be appeared providing you new updates.

Step4: Now select the update option and it will update the device with the latest software.

The time of the update process may take a while and it might also depend on the number of updates available, so you have to be a bit patient.

This method is useful if you are intended to use the same device for yourself and not selling it. Method 2 will make you device updated with latest software and will make it compatible to install all new applications as well.