Lenovo has brought out various forms of PC tablets with Android in the market and thus there had always been an alternative for Windows. The IdeaPad P1 declared recently is similar in look and feel to that of IdeaPAd K1 where Android is running. But the new IdeaPad is set up with latest Windows 7 and has got specifications of mainly PC related settings and features also match PC. It looks just like an iPad in which Windows is the operating system.
The new Lenovo IdeaPad P1 is having about 10.1 inch in size with multitouch screen of 1280 x 800 pixels which also works with elective style. A webcam which is of 0.3 megapixels can deal with all the video calls, but one defect of the Idea Pad P1 is that, it does not have a rear camera which is required. You can choose different colors for the real panel like Silver Gray or Clementine orange which fits with the spine of Netbook.
The IdeaPad P1 has got storage capacity of 64GB of solid-state drive or 32GB and it has RAM capacity of about 2GB.The Operating System that can be set up includes wide range from Windows 7 Starter up to Windows7 Professional. The alternatives for connection purpose include SIM card slot especially for 3G, a card reader of microSD and a docking and USB port. The P1 had got Bluetooth as well as -WI-Fi 802.11 b/g/n.
The tablet which is worth to 1.79 pounds has got a 1.5GHz Intel processor with the integrated HD graphics displayer which is apt for fundamental gaming. The IdeaPad also has a two-cell battery which has a duration as long as 6 hours as confided by Lenovo.
Who wants to pull a bullock cart when they can have a Honda car? Thus everybody is behind Android tablet or iPad rather than going for Windows tablet. While windows tablet has got all the features which are required for the tablet with Windows 7 inculcated in it, it always feel hooked on in the small touch-screen environs, which does not suit the tablet. Maybe Windows 8 will come up with those new features which will solve such issues, but now it appears that companies which are in the same phase like Lenovo have not yet given their hopes and when application ‘Lenovo App Manager’ installed on the current Idea Pad P1,it delivers improved application discovery as well as application switching. Though Windows tablets have all the characteristics it has got a long way to reach out the experience and layout of UI that the Android or WebOS or the iPad provides.
The Idea Pad P1’s price is not decided yet and it is found to be available around the end of 2011.