We are all very much aware about the consequences of file compressions. It decreases their original size & makes the availability of space more in your removable storage devices like hard discs or pen drives. However you may not require compressing some of the particular folders since they may lead to a loss of the usual performance they exhibit as originals.  There is a very simple process to make sure of it. This process is called as NTFS Compression.  It will involve the compression of specific file folders along with the total NTFS capacity.  This is one of the main drawbacks of the system & file compression respectively. It largely becomes essential to compress the file with the contents of it being intact & perfect. The use of NTFS will enable you to decompress along with recompressing the files without the usual interference of the user.

With clearly displaying the specific names & identification executed by different colors & symbols. When the NTFS volume is being compressed there is a compulsion of being logged in as an administrator for getting a complete result oriented output from this process. Make sure that if your system is being connected to a network of systems, there is a specific policy for it which can interrupt in the completion of the procedure. Click up the start button with a click followed on my computer. Then signify a right click on the specific compressed volume criterion with a click on properties. Select the required compressed volume & give the command ok. Bingo! It’s done. If you want to preview the confirmation regarding the changes in attributions you can click on the options that you want. Very similarly if you are  in the requirement of compressing a file or folder in NTFS Volume, start by clicking on the my  computer button followed by a double click on NTFS Volume containing the necessary documents  in the forms of files or folders that you want to get compressed.

More or less as a process of creating a Winrar Zip, you will have to click on the general tab followed by a click on the  advance button. Finally end up the process by clicking Ok. But please make it sure that if you displace or remove any document from any other file or folder into the compressed one, the former will come out in compressed mode automatically & you cannot help it. Not only this but if any file is removed from a separate volume it will too get compressed but it will enjoy its previous state of originality if you move the file from the same NYFS volume into the compressed one respectively. Similarly you can also select the mode by which you can display the files in color. It will make you recognize & detect the files easily among many. It is very easy with just a click on the appearance & themes button followed by a click on the OK option. You can even easily check up the files in encrypted mode & get each & every minute details in the check box of the system.