All of us come across such situation when we are in middle of some thing and our desktop shuts down on its own. Well at time we wonder what could have been the cause because when you turn on after some time it does comes back fine and works without any problem no virus no any other symptoms. Well if you put our hand on CPU for few sec you may notice the cause of sudden shutdown. Over heat can cause automatic shutdown and the best way to get read of over heating is to clan the inside of your computer. We will discuss few steps that will help you to avoid the over heating of your computer.

Step1: Over heating could be happening because of dust accumulated in the CPU of your computer. And so the best way is to remove the dust from the computer so that it does not over heats. First step in removing the dust is by disconnecting computer from the power source including UPS of the computer. And once it is completely turned off please remove the cabinet of the CPU.

Step 2: Once you have removed the cabinet of the CPU then using a blower of a vacuum cleaner blow away the dust but please stay away from the computer so you don’t inhale the dust as it can be harmful to your health. Do not blow very hard as the parts of your computer are very sensitive. Once you are sure that your computer is clean enough then move on to the fan in the cabinet.

Step 3: In long run the fan get lot of dust accumulated and the making computer warmed so we would suggest you to clan the fan as well and please hold the bladed of the fans so it does not moves when you use the blower. Incase it is hard to reach the fan you can take it out and then clan it manually using cotton and alcohol. Be care full as they are very delicate and can develop cracks.

Step 4: In case after removing the dust you still fell it needs more improvement then we would suggest you to clean the fan on the processor. Remove the fan and then clean the dust from the processor and the fan also remove the thermal grease using a lint free cloth with pure isopropyl alcohol. Once you are done cleaning please apply thermal grease back again before you assemble the processor and the fan. Once you follow the above steps your computer should not shutdown on its own.