As most of us work on computer these days not only everything has become online but everything is confidential, like project document and bank details. You name it and you realize it is confidential may be that is why all the application and software that we use these days has password on it. Even our computer comes with a password. But with so many passwords is it not at time difficult to remember them all, it is and we all know it. Password for email, password for the internet company account, password for bank account, password for computer, password for social network website and the list goes on. The password that I mentioned is just the basic one which does not include your work application just the basic one which all of us have. Now we come to a common conclusion of making similar password for all these account. Something like our last name and then 123, few may also dare to make password like Password123. Well if you are of those I would suggest you to read the following steps to improve the password so that it will not only improve the security of your password but will help you to avoid your from being compromised.

Step 1: First let’s check if your account has been compromised. Hacker often makes account public once they hack your password. There are few known database where you can check if your account has been compromised. You can check it for such websites where if you check with your email address it can tell you if your account is safe or not.

Step 2: Visit Microsoft website to check the strength of your password i.e. Microsoft Password Checker in Safety and Security Center. It will help you determine the strength of your password. If it is termed as weak please change it as soon as possible. We would recommend you to add symbol and try combination of uppercase and lowercase letters to make it strong.

Step 3: In case you are facing difficulty making your password strong just remember to add symbols like “!,@,#,$,%,^,^,&,*”  it will help you to make your password strong as it is believed that symbols are difficult to guess and gives hackers tough time to break in to your account.

Step 4: Many organization also practice to change password after 30, 60 or 90 days. We would also recommend you to change your password after some time as it will help you to make it more secure as the hacker will have to try new guess again. Also we recommend keeping a track of account history which would say when did you last logged in. In case you find that your account was logged in and you are not aware of it please change it as soon as possible. To end with we would suggest you not to save password in your browser memory as adware can send it to their owner without your permission. Clear browsing history if you are using a public computer.