PDF is an acronym of Portable Document Format, it contains static documents and it is a product of Adobe. It is the most used application to distribute documents, document saved as PDF can not be change using word processors.  You can download an open source application from internet PDF edit. Using this application you can edit, copy, cut or modify the PDF files. PDF files are very popular because of their reliability and safety, if the document is password protected you can not modify the document. Using PDF is very secure, so people use it frequently. If the PDF file is password protected then you must know the password to modify the PDF files.

We will help you to use this application and modify a PDF document, you just follow the steps given below.


The first step is to download and install “pdfedit” package on the system. To install the application go to system’s software repository. If you are using Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Debian type the command “sudo apt-get install pdfedit.” And if you are Fedora user then type the command “yum install pdfedit.”


Now click the application menu, in application menu go to graphics sub menu. In the sub menu locate the PDF editor and click the icon.


Now in the PDF editor, click the open file menu and choose the file you want to modify. Now to modify the document use the buttons given at the top of the window. You can choose text, pictures or select entire document to modify.


Modify the document as needed; now click save button to save the document. You can save the file on any location on computer as per need.

Now you are done with the modifying the document. As modifying a PDF document is not possible directly, we recommend you to use this application. It is tested and secure to use, it is also user friendly and you can use it with few keystrokes. If you are a newbie in Linux then no problem; it does not require a great and deep knowledge of Linux. You can easily play with this application and modify PDF documents as you want.

Working with the PDF edit is very easy; you can save the files in several formats like JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP. You can also share the document in XML if you do not want to save it in PDF. As the PDF edit is an open source application and developers change it continuously, so make sure that you have a stable version present on the computer. When you save the PDF document in PDF editor, you will get a warning message saying the content will not display correctly. Just ignore the message and continue with saving the document. After some time, the message will not appear as you ignore it every time.