A clean keyboard is very important part of the system as keyboards are the gateway between you and your system. Working on keyboard  creates dust and debris which leads to a dirty keyboard.

It is very important to clean up the keyboard to prevent any damage to its functioning.


The first step is to shut down the computer and disconnect the keyboard. Now just shake or tap the keyboard against a soft thing to clean any big crumbles present in the keyboard or you can simply dust the keyboard from a soft cloth. Keyboards are open to environment and also open to dust and debris.


You can also clean it by taking a can of compressed air. You can find it at any computer or office stuffs store. Now take the can and spray between the keys, hold the keyboard upside down. Just see carefully and if you find any articles inside the keyboard then remove it.


You can also use several paint brush to reach the space between keys and use ammonia because it is very good for cleaning purpose. Now take a small bowl of warm water and mix with antiseptic mouthwash. The mouthwash will work as antibacterial stuff. A computer keyboard is just similar to a phone; you can not see the germs and bacteria. So it is very important to sanitize the keyboard to prevent diseases like H1N1 flue. These simple hygienic steps can stop all these viruses.


Try to squeeze the brush every time, because if it is too wet then it can harm the computer keyboard. Now try to cover each and every part of the keyboard by holding it up down or tapping it to get big particles. Now be careful when you are wiping the keyboard with a clean piece of cloth. Always avoid drinking and eating while working on the keyboard.


If you want then you can also vacuum the keyboard using an USB vacuum. You can buy them at any computer parts store from your nearby market. There are several battery powered vacuums are available in the market, you can also buy them online. Just choose one and place the order. We recommend you to buy one which can be connected directly to the computer. Before buying check the power suction of the vacuum. The advantage of vacuuming the keyboard is to reach the tidiest corner of the keyboard where you can not reach using physical and mechanical mediums.

You can also use screw drivers to clean the computer keyboard, just remove all the keys using that and clean the keyboard with cloth or brush. But we recommend you to use the steps we provided above. This is not a easy step to do because it needs a long span of time.