Computer keyboard is one of the vital components of the computer system. There are a lot of varieties available in the market; it depends on you to choose among them. Never buy a keyboard before testing the touch of the keys. The choice of buying a keyboard is as personal as buying any thing for you, as per old saying that one person’s cash is one person’s trash.

This article will help you to buy a good keyboard.


One of the most important steps is to be clear about the choice of the keyboard. If you want a keyboard with stiff touch then you will get a lot of keyboards in the market. But some people do not like the stiff touch and they look for feather touch keys.


We always recommend you to buy a keyboard after testing the keys. If you buy a keyboard without testing the keys then it will be like buying a car without test drive. It is very important to see the angle of the keyboard because it is very important for writers specially.  If you are not feeling the keys right according to your requirement then you are compromising your work.


Now one of the most important things to keep in mind is the budget; the price of the keyboard varies as per the functions and quality. You can get keyboards as per your budget.


Most of the keyboards come with lot of additional features and it depends on your requirements i.e. what you want from the keyboard. If you are going to do simple writing then a simple keyboard is sufficient for you. If you are buying a keyboard for playing games and watching DVDs then a multimedia keyboard will be best suited for your requirement. There are some keyboards available in the market which comes with special keyboard with volume control and games control.


The last but not the least requirement is the compatibility issue. It is very important to buy a peripheral which should be highly compatible with the computer; it is also an important step to take care while buying a keyboard. There are two type of keyboard available today; one is PS2 and one with USB connection. So it is really important to know that your computer has these ports or not. If you have older computer then you might have problem with USB connectivity, you can buy an adapter from the nearby electronics shop.

If you are planning to buy a keyboard for kids then you will have to take more care while selecting one. As most of the people do multitasking and they eat and drink while working on the keyboard, so buy one which is more able to tackle with all these problems like dust and debris. After you buy a keyboard, it is important to take care of the keyboard. Always try to clean and sanitize the keyboard on regular interval; it will optimize the performance of the keyboard and it is also good for the hygiene.