Some times your PC is taking too long to boot up or running applications at slow speeds. It is very annoying if your PC is taking long time to open some small programs like notepad. This problem might be due to virus or unwanted file formats  on PC. It is very important to maintain and clean up your PC at regular interval in order get the best performance from your PC. The performance of PC depends on the maintenance by its user.

It is not a tough task to speed up your computer, you just have to follow the steps given below and you can speed up your PC.

Step1: Delete cached files or erased files from system

It is very important to delete all erased files from system. You may delete the files but they are stored in the  recycle bin and use same space and size. You can delete these files from recycle bin to get extra space. There are so many unnecessary items on computer that slows down the computer.

Step2: Delete temporary internet files and cookies

Temporary Internet files and cookies can slow down the system. They are useful while browsing but so many of them slow your computer, so delete them at regular interval. To delete them in Internet explorer, just click on tools and then click Internet options. Now in Internet option go to general tab and click delete.

Step3: You can install a memory module

You can add memory modules to the system; this is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to boost the speed of your PC. You can add a RAM in 5minutes using a screw driver and easily speed up your PC. When the system has more memory it spends less time in allocating memory to all the programs.

Step4: Delete unused programs

It is always better to delete programs which you do not use. If you are a gamer then programs can pile up your computer. You have to delete all the programs which seat idle on the computer and eating space from your computer.  The more space your computer has, faster the computer runs.

Step5: Run Your Utility Programs at regular interval

If you want to speed up your system then it is very important to run the system utility programs at regular interval. There are so many disk utility like Disk Defragmenter, desk clean up or antivirus software. You just need to run these programs regularly. Install a good antivirus program on the system and scan the system regularly. There are several antivirus program available like AVG, Norton, Avast etc or you can install some cleaner programs like Ccleaner, Revo or Tweak Now; these programs clean up your computer at regular interval and help your PC to run faster then before. You can regulate these programs also like you can schedule the scans and cleaning utility at regular intervals.

These tricks are very helpful to run the system smoothly and make your work easier.