iPhones are sleek; this doesn’t certainly mean that they can’t get any sleeker!

This is exactly what Apple is out to prove and in the bid to create the next generation iPhones that are slimmer and more stylish, the company is considering modifying the design. Rumors are doing the rounds that probably the next design change will see no more of the headphone jack – presently seen as a 3.5 mm port. In lieu, the handset will sport Lightning port for audio.

Tentatively named as iPhone 7, the next Apple iPhone offering will feature headphone-based DACs and app launching. To be able to use conventional wired headphones you would either have to make do with an additional adapter or use Bluetooth technology. Although this rumor has surprised Apple fans, this move isn’t unwarranted though. At the WWDC last year, Apple hinted at its interest towards moving in this direction.

While there already are companies that are using this technology in their products, such as Philips and JBL, it remains to be seen whether Apple too will manage to win over this move to analog from the digital. The audio lovers are surely in for a huge treat…

However, there is also this speculation that there’s still a lot of time till the release of the next iPhone edition. And, one never knows if Apple would want to change this tech spec for something better or it would want its users to try out this technology, something that other brands have used already. Only time will tell; we will surely keep you posted on this.